By David Kennedy Polanco

Far Far Away

The Producers Club
358 West 44th St New York, NY 10036 at 9th Ave


BROHM was seventeen when he set out alone from rural Indiana to explore the rest of the country. On the surface, Brohm's long journey was to satisfy his wanderlust; however, without admitting it, even to himself, he was on a quest to locate his absent father. This becomes obvious when he detours to Hollywood, where his father was long rumored to live. The young Midwesterner's travels eventually led him east of glamorous Hollywood to not-so-dazzling East Los Angeles. Brohm developed a fascination for the gang subculture; the fair-skinned blond begins to assimilate into a local Latino gang. During a drunken free-for-all with his "Home-boys," Brohm is pulled out of the maelstrom of violence by a passerby, a life-long East L.A. resident, ANTHONIO. At Anthonio's home where he lived with his wife and their son, the former semi-pro boxer had built by hand a boxing gym in the garage. It was in this gym that Anthonio plopped Brohm's corn-fed, strong, inebriated body. The following morning, Anthonio's son, HARVARD, happened upon a passed-out, snoring Brohm entangled in the ropes of the boxing ring. Harvard, directed by one of life's detours, had returned to California two months earlier, his education interrupted, at the start of his college sophomore year. Harvard's only sibling, his older brother, had died. It was shortly after this tragic event Brohm and Harvard met - and beyond all odds fell in love. After three years, Brohm and Harvard remained a couple, and gradually had become disgusted with their station in life. Can these two men continue as a couple, or will one be the ruin of the other?